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as president obama switches plans to an indoor speech, bill clinton blows the roof off the joint in charlotte with a rousing rallying cry for democrats and a passionate plea for a second obama term. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside, but who burns for america on the inside. >> platform, poor form, a clumsy 24 hours of talk about god and jerusalem creates an awkward moment for the convention chairman and feels more fire from the right. will president obama try to close that loop on this tonight? florida florida florida, republican turned independent turned democrat? charlie crist ready to address his democratic faithful and the florida gop is too eager to remind the sunshine state of a few things he has said over the years. good morning from charlotte,
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actual charlotte hornet coming after us, thursday september 6th, 2012. i have governor purdue, patrick kennedy, ted kennedy jr., senators menendez, koouns, my first reads of the morning. two months from election day the president will accept his president's nomination and lay out his best case for a second term while mitt romney's task in tampa was to get voters to know him and like him. the president must persuade the country to rehire him for four more years. expect some version of a bad cop/good cop routine. back-to-back speeches, the president can leave some of the tough stuff to vice president biden. senator john kerry will also speak tonight. remember he's going to play romney in the debate prep. expected to blast romney's foreign policy as naive and be another character witness to the president's national security leadership. of course not everything has gone according to plan. the president will speak indoors, not on an outdoor rally organizers hoped would recreate
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some of the excitement of denver four years ago. don't expect balloons. it's too late to fill the ceiling with them. obama senior adviser said, the president will have to provide the festivities himself. according to the weather channel, there's just a 30% chance for a shower or thunderstorm this evening. but the obama campaign has secretly hoped there's a downpour in the afternoon or early evening over bank of america stadium. seriously the question for tonight, how much of a second term vision will we hear? the president's advisors previewed the speech this morning on the "today" show. >> going to hear the president talk about tonight is where we need to go and the things we need to do. >> i think what american people are getting out of this week is a clear sense of where we are and where we've been and more importantly where the president is going to take the country. >> david axelrod told us a few minutes ago there will be new elements in the speech but the president's basic argument will remain the same. a laundry list of sorts like a state of the union and i'm told
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this is going to be a surprisingly short speech, at least for the president. the goal is to have it shorter than it was four years ago, shorter than president bush's in 2004 and we do know it will be shorter than bill clinton's from last night. in fact, let's move on to that. four years ago, barack obama was trying to turn the page on the clintons and the bushes. fast forward to last night when the president wanted the country to see him hug bill clinton. last night's 48-minute speech was classic clinton, smart, not always sticking to script, less of a speech and more of a story in traditional clinton style on paper. looked far less effective than it did delivered in person. clinton was the ultimate character witness, fact checker, one man rebuttal machine rolled into one. >> we left him a total mess. he hadn't cleaned it up fast enough to fire him and put us back in. the claim that president obama weakened welfare reform work
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requirement is just not true. as another president once said, there they go again. >> offering a detailed positive case for the president he turned the better are you better off republican reframe on its head. >> president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> and clinton created this rift, he ticked through a jobs score card that he created between the two parties. >> since 1961, for 52 years now, the republicans have held the
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white house 28 years, the democrats 24. what's the job score? republicans 24 million, democrats 42! >> and he also acted as a spokesman to independent voters, affirming the president's willingness to compromise. >> heck, he even appointed hillary. i'm grateful for the relationship of respect and partnership she and the president have enjoyed and the signal that sends to the rest of the world, that democracy does not have a blood -- have to be a blood sport, it can be an honorable enterprise. >> really is amazing think about it 15 years ashgs the partisan wars of the late '90s and the man at the center of it, is now the democratic party's best spokesperson to the middle of the road voter. secretary clinton watched a recorded version of her husband's speech 9,930 miles
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away at the u.s. embassy in east timor. watch the speech on the ambassador's computer. according it an aide she was riveted. quote, it's possible she did not blink even once and then talked about it later to the press. >> my husband read parts of his speech to me over the last few days. i received the as prepared version, which i'm anxious when i can, to compare with the as delivered version. so it's -- it's a great honor for him to be nominating the president. >> it took us about seven minutes but i think we've gotten r rid of charlotte hornet. mitt romney is prepping for debates and now an exclusive interview with nbc's "meet the press" sunday morning, joining me now the man that will have
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mitt romney as a guest this sunday, moderator of "meet the press," david gregory. first of all, let's talk about bill clinton last night. >> yeah. >> and what he did and what he set up for president obama. >> well, you know, the president's aides, president obama's aides, call him a great closer on the economy. he synthesized the arguments -- meaning president clinton -- synthesizes the arguments about what the president has accomplished, president obama has accomplished, and does the contrast very effectively. that's what they count on him for. look at the broad sweep of campaign debates, look at the exhaustive detail into policies both defending the president taking on the republicans, so i think that was the setup. david axelrod earlier this morning called it clearing out the underbrush and now you move on to the president who has got to be forward looking, talk about a pillar for a second term, but, of course, he has to also really illuminate this choice an this -- the idea of a darkened corridor or a brighter future. and do americans, particularly
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those independent voters, think he's got a plan to deliver economic renewal when they've been pretty skeptical about it, based on everything they've seen in it's amazing how long ago one week feels now, one week ago tonight that we heard from mitt romney and he did his, and clearly what -- when you get to go last you get to rebut, have more time and you know there's going to be specific responses to things that mitt romney said. can president obama have his acceptance speech live any longer than mitt romney's did? >> i think it's possible. i think the overall effect is possible. what i think he can do is add a little bit more weight to incumbency. mitt romney faces that challenge of taking on an incumbent, even in these economic times, and it's difficult. i think it's while you'll see mitt romney out there publicly more, pressing the case, talking to his aides last night saying look, you want to criticize mitt romney for omissions in his speech, where was bill clinton's speech about poverty, about
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historic job loss, that is part of the economic picture and americans do know it. the best democrats can do is say i know you haven't felt it yet, but that positive change is coming. that's what the president has to illuminate that tonight. >> we were having this conversation with joe, the two conventions before 10:00, have been very partisan. >> i think that's right. i think it's because generating excitement in the base is critical. i mean on the republican side because they're still warming up to mitt romney, on the democratic side because there is a sense i think that liberals have that the president has not fought hard enough, haven't been enough results. >> no enthusiasm gap in that hall. >> not in that hall. i agree with that. this is also about coalition politics grinding it out in a tough election about getting your voters there, minorities, women, latinos, both sides. they see targets of opportunity enough and trying to grind it out. >> mitt romney's first appearance on "meet the press" how long now? >> since he's been running for the presidency. lot to talk about.
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this to me is the official start now of the fall campaign. >> it is. >> we'll start it on sunday. >> clearly he wants to rebut what the president says. >> 15 reasons why democrats chose north carolina for their convention site. it has to do with certain electoral vote number. but with an unemployment rate consistently above the national average do they have a chance at winning this state's 15 electoral votes. joining me is north carolina retiring governor, democrat bev purdue. thanks for having us here and hosting. >> good morning. look at this enthusiastic crowd. excited to see you in charlotte. >> how disappointed are you the president is giving a speech inside than outside. >> i think it's a good choice. no knows what the weather will be like this time of year. they made a reasonable decision and i think it's going to be a good night. a lot of people will be all over the city in other venues, community venues around the state so we're excited. >> organizationally there was a lot of plans inside the state party that were going to be put
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into effect tonight. >> it's always a disappointment. i have friends, chapel hill, bring up 16 busses of people, they're all disappointed. my friends are disappointed all over the state and country. at the end of the day you to choose what works best in the long run and they played safe. >> it is a lot of these, nine state battle we're having with the battleground state, some of them the economy is improving, below the national average, north carolina is one where the unemployment rate is above the national average. >> the unemployment rate is above the national average and lots of people unemployed and until that is fixed nobody will be happy in my state. the good news is we're one of the eight triple a bond rated states, our economy is growing in pockets, we've added more than 112,000 jobs since i've been governor, $25 billion in investment, our biotech farm industry is soaring. we imported about 300,000 folks during this recession. folks came to north carolina as well as a large --
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>> you feel that's expanded your unemployment rate more than anything. >> the articles have been written drill down to those metrics high concentration of manufacturing and the fact we've imported so many citizens. >> talk about manufacturing, textile industry, obviously, the heart and soul, the tobacco growing in north carolina. manufacturing ever be replaced here? north carolina. >> >> absolutely. >> how. >> we are a manufacturing state. we're doing it now, a lot of advanced manufacturing. this time six weeks ago we brought back from china a furniture manufacturing company. our companies here, our cortex tiles and manufacturing plants, have certainty shed labor. that's part of the challenge in the 21st century. you have to shed some workers, spend hundreds of millions of dollars in new technology in robotics and all and do advanced manufacturing. >> i want to ask a political question, i know the state party went through and you went through a hard time with the chairman and the scandal inside with the executive director. is that going to hurt president obama's ability to carry the state? >> absolutely not.
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do you think that anybody gives a flip what goes on in the democratic party -- >> it cost organization money and things like that. >> we are so organized. watch us on election day in this state. we have organization offices all over the state, registering more than 100,000 voters, early vote starting soon. we are on the money. >> you guys start voting in a couple weeks here. >> we're early. >> democratic governor bev purdue, thanks for hosting us. we got much more ahead here from charlotte including the possibility of a surprise speaker tonight. up next, ted kennedy wrote the book on how to defeat mitt romney but for the first time in more than a half century he's not at a democratic national convention. >> the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die. >> kennedy's sons, former congressman patrick kennedy and ted kennedy jr. will join me next. first a look ahead at the president's schedule.
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caroline kennedy will speak at the first democratic convention in 56 years without senator ted kennedy at it. over the years the line of the senate was fierce, poignant, and always memorable. >> for all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the
6:19 am
hope still lives, and the dream shall never die. and this november, the torch will be passed again, to a new generation of americans, so with barack obama and for you and for me, our country will be committed to his cause. the work begins anew. the hope rises again. and the dream lives on. >> and now for the first time in six decades, there's no kennedy in washington. but that actually could change after today. joe kennedy iii introduced a video tribute to his uncle on tuesday night, faces off in a democratic primary for congressman barney frank's massachusetts house seat. joining me ted kennedy's sons, former congressman patrick
6:20 am
kennedy and ted kennedy jr. welcome both. >> thank you. >> do you get tired of seeing those highlights of your dad sh. >> i don't. i love my father so much and coming here and watching this, these videos, just fills me with pride. and because i know how much he loved being a united states senator and how much he loved the democratic party. >> congressman, quickly, handicap joe's chances today? what's going on? >> we need people to turn out and vote. nothing is taken for granted. joe is working hard, great grassroots campaign and so we're just going to keep pushing as someone who is on the ballot myself for many years, you never take anything for granted. joe's got a terrific organization on the ground, which is where it matters the most. >> i want to talk about that '49 senate race. -- '94 senate race. you would hear these stories your dad was sometimes as worried about your race as he was about mitt romney. talk about some of the stories. here he was in the fierce closest race of his political career and he's worried about
6:21 am
your race. >> the paradigm of the mitt romney/t kennedy race of '94 is replaying itself in this campaign. mitt romney was on every side of every issue? '94 and once again he is playing the flip flop game again. so all you really need to do is replay those debates between my dad and mitt romney in '94 and you're getting to see what this campaign's about. and you know, mitt romney looked really good looking and great and style, but the end of the day, people wanted substance and that's what they're going to want again and why they'll vote for president obama for re-election. >> is he running for office again? i mean, you know, he was -- he's fired up. what do you think of how the administration has sold health care? this was in many cases, you know, obviously your dad's cause and, you know, you read these books that say -- quotes that say he wish he had cut the deal with nixon in the early '70s could have gotten health care and gotten it done. how do you think he would be assessing what the administration has gotten done?
6:22 am
>> my father would be on his feet, applauding the president and the way that the president stuck his neck out, it was my dad's signature cause. he promised my dad that he was going to make this issue a priority for his administration and he did. a lot of his advisors said wait, it's too complicated, too many vested interests you're going to get bogged down, but the president it's an example of how the president's leadership he was willing to do this, take this on. there's so many special interests, chuck, who don't want change. pause there's a lot of money flowing around the health care system. and i think that my father, he believed, you know, he worked or rich hatch to expand medicaid for chip, worked with president bush trying to expand part d medicare drug benefit and one of his proudest moments was working with governor mitt romney to create the model -- >> in the picture. >> the model of health care we now have in the united states. >> congressman, your dad always seemed to find a republican
6:23 am
partner. if he were still in the senate today, do you think there would have been more republicans supporting health care or do you think the environment has simply changed? >> it's hard to tell. i will say this, my dad always looked forward. he was never stuck in the past and he would be excited about another term for barack obama. as president clinton said last night, the president has taken us four years to get this far and believe me, he had a big hole to dig us out of after eight years of george w. bush. i don't think this country wants to go back to those trickle down economics. they will if they vote for mitt romney. they will have a chance at a much stronger future for the middle class if they vote for barack obama. >> speaking of voting and ballots either one of you going to be on a ballot again? >> i hope he is. >> i hear everybody -- >> he's still fired up and ready to go. >> connecticut is your home state. >> connecticut is my home state. listen, i look forward to the opportunity to have the honor to
6:24 am
serve one day and what that is, chuck, i have no idea. but i'm fighting, i'm a health care lawyer, i've been active in the disability rights movement and those are the issues i'm going to fight for the rest of my life. >> it was quite the moment the other night just seeing that tribute video. thank you both. a preview of tomorrow's jobs report, market rundown next. plus crisscross the republicans the party fighting back on the strategy of florida republicans to undermine one of president obama's newest allies. hear from him tonight. but first today's trivia question. who was the first presidential nominee to appear at a national nominating convention? tweet me the answer kwoits at chuck todd and @the daily rundown. the answer and more coming up on "the daily rundown." live from charlotte we'll be right back.
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republican turned independent charlie crist
6:28 am
speaking at the dnc tonight already drawing fire from republicans who want to portray him as a political shape shifter who abandoned his principles for political game, a new ad from the florida gop which may be a preemptive strike from the former governor who tries to reclaim his job in 2014 as a democrat. >> i'm a pro life, pro gun, anti-tax republican. >> how conservative are you, charlie. >> about as contive as you can get about as conservative as you can get. >> lenny curman is chairman of the florida republican party responsible for that ad and i'm told from a florida viewer that ad was actually running during commercial break, you are really airing this ad. what's the point of this? you're trying to make democrats not like charlie crist. >> we want democrats to know all across the country who debbie wasserman-schultz and the dnc has invited to speak at their convention. a man without a party, a base, makes him a dangerous, crass, political opportunist, ronald
6:29 am
reagan jeb bush republicans and views on abortion are the same as akin. >> do you believe he's really a conservative republican? >> his entire record is we saw it on the ad, i'm a conservative, as conservative as it gets, pro life, pro gun, anti-tax. those are charlie crist words. he said he did not endorse the stimulus package. he compared the re-election of barack obama to the carter/reagan election of 1980. >> why do you think he has switched? >> a man without a party and base which makes him dangerous with nothing to lose. >> trying to give advice to the democratic party. >> we want to make sure the democrats understand who they've invited to speak at their convention. >> talk a little bit about florida. there has been this idea that there's tension between governor scott and your side of the state republican party and the romney campaign. truth to it? >> >> no truth at all. we're working together. we have the same message the economy has begun to turn around under governor scott -- >> let me stop there.
6:30 am
that has been the bone of contenti contention. let me play a sound bite interest governor scott that apparently didn't have the romney campaign too happy. here's what he said. >> tourism is way up, restaurants are doing better, way better. the home sales are up, home construction is up, he exports are up. you look at all the indicators, the money you're sending to the state is up so we're doing the right things. but we still have 800,000 people out of work so we have a lot to do. >> the romney campaign believes that you guys are not on the same page on this issue about where the economy is in the state of florida. >> i work with the romney camp, i work with the governor scott camp. never been any conversation about tamp down your message. we have begun to turn things around. under the charlie crist/obama era when they were in, we lost over 200,000 jobs in the state of florida. since then we've created over 100,000 jobs on governor scott.
6:31 am
>> why does president obama not get credit for what job gains are in florida? >> he's about big government, big tax, governor scott and the florida legislature's leadership. look at the record when it was barack obama and charlie crist when they were in office serving one year together over 200,000 jobs lost. >> the chairman of the florida republican party. >> always a pleasure. >> here to give advice to the democrats about charlie crist. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, sir. good news on the jobs front. unemployment applications are down, private sector job creation up, all setting the stage for tomorrow's august job report. becky quick here with our market rundown. that's what everybody is wondering, the first piece of information after the president's acceptance speech tonight is going to be that 8:30 jobs report tomorrow. >> you know, the entire betting on wall street changed a lot today, chuck, because we got two pieces of information that paint a pretty strong picture for tomorrow at least if you take these words or these numbers at their face value. first of all, the monthly
6:32 am
jobless claims, they were down by about 12,000 to 365,000. that's good news. even better news is what we heard from adp, the private employment measure of things, they looked at the month and saw a huge number of jobs created, 201,000. that was well above the 140,000 that was expected from this report. and by the way, adp nailed the numbers last month in terms of what to expect from the government two days later. what we can look at this time around is a lot of people saying we'd only been looking for 125,000 when we get that monthly government jobs report tomorrow, if adp is a true indicator of that you could see a stronger number last month adp nailed it. two months ago they were off by over 100,000. anything goes on these month-to-month numbers. it did change the picture today and you are looking at the dow up by about 90 points because they're reading this as very good news. >> becky quick, adp, live and die by the adp, thank you. senators bob menendez and chris koouns. they're both here. "the daily rundown" will be back in 30 seconds.
6:33 am
president obama his big chance to defend his last four years, make a case for four more. back in 2008 he made his pitch by urging people to put their political differences aside. >> the challenges we face require tough choices. democrats as well as republicans will need to cast off the worn out ideas of politics in the past. this, too, is part of america's promise. the promise of a democracy where
6:34 am
we can find the strength and grace, to bridge divides and unit in common effort. >> as it turned out that pledge crumbled under the weight of washington politics. how does the president chart a course this time? with me, new jersey democratic senator bob menendez and delaware senator. we're not going to say -- you're up so you're going to have more people yelling for you. his popularity that's not going out. >> senator menendez, start with you, the president obviously was easier to be hope and change, change, you know, now he's got to be pitching for status quo. it's a hard hit to take. >> well, i don't think the president is pitching for status quo. he's pitching for progress moving forward, and helping this middle class build its opens and dreams and aspirations and realizing them. it's a combination of what he inherited, what he's done to
6:35 am
make it better and what he will do so i don't think it's about status quo. >> how much detail do you want to hear from the president tonight? >> one of the key differences between the republicans convention in tampa and our convention in charlotte how much we've already heard about the substantive accomplishments of president obama and we should hear more time from vice president biden and president obama about how they continue the strong recovery that they've led and the leadership the party has shown. >> provide some detail? >> i think americans tuning in tonight want to know how they intend to continue to deliver on 29 straight months of private sector job growth. >> we say there are different challenges here and one of them for the president is he needs to make the case and i didn't -- we didn't hear it from mitt romney last week -- of how he's going to break the gridlock. that is among the frustration, particularly the few remaining swing voters, i'm sure you see it in your poll, that's their frustration? >> i think president clinton
6:36 am
made a good case on that last night as well. [ applause ] >> he said this is a president who is still committed -- >> when in doubt drop president clinton's name and it will get these guys fired up. >> he's still committed to creating the sense of cooperation. look when you stretch your hand out when the president did the unprecedented thing at the very beginning of his term, went to the capitol to talk to the republican caucus about how we stimulate this economy and before he even got there john boehner came out and said dead on arrival, that's not the way you create cooperation. you need two to dance with you. i think this president's going to continue to reach out. he hasn't stopped. he didn't stop on health care, didn't stop on jobs, didn't stop on the budget. he's going to continue to reach out. they have to accept his hand as well. >> senator coons, i want to ask you about this, this pew poll that came out, on vice president biden who two words to describe them, idiot was 43%. how did he, among a larger group
6:37 am
of voters than maybe the white house is comfortable with, become a partisan punching bag? >> chuck, what matters about vice president joe biden, what the folks of delaware know about him is not some word cloud by pew but what's in his heart, shares with the people of delaware. joe biden is someone who's never forget wherein he came from, who's got a tough and clear and strong vision for this country and i know that tonight we're going to hear how he has been a central part of this administration, helping make our country stronger, and fighting tirelessly for the middle class. >> think the white house keeps him too caged in if you will? >> i don't think anyone can cage joe biden. he has been a tremendous contributor. he has been an outstanding vice president. >> you know, it seems as if they're careful about suddenly about interviews and how often we see him? >> if you think about the responsibilities the vice president has been asked to take on by this president, leading not just transition afghanistan and iraq, major decisions on foreign policy, implementation
6:38 am
of the stimulus and being in the room for all the most important decisions, i don't think they shy at all from having joe biden be central to the leadership of this administration. >> senator menendez your role in the party sometimes you're the highest ranking hispanic democrat in the united states senate, what role are you going to be able to play for the president in the state of florida? will you do the same things you were able to do in 2008 or your own campaign going to get in the way a little bit? >> certainly i'm going to be focused on our campaign because it's an opportunity to connect with the people of new jersey on what i've been able to do on fighting for the middle class, on tax cuts for the middle class, creating new biotech jobs and energy jobs, but i will do whatever i can as i have done for the president on a whole host of spanish language channels, did that just recently in response to ryan. we wi will do what i can in florida and anywhere else for him because when it comes to latinos in this country, there's a clear choice and the choice is definitely president obama and
6:39 am
vice president biden. [ applause ] >> they stand side by side with us on the critical issues of the day. >> senator menendez, remind people you are up in november. >> chris coons you are not. you get a break this november. we're watching a developing story out of philadelphia, u.s. airways plane on the way to dallas was turned around in the air and returned to philadelphia. wcau our affiliate there is reporting that a possible security issue is on board. but we don't have confirmation of that. at least one person was taken off the plane in handcuffs. we will have more and checking in with our folks in washington who follow this. pete williams, tom costello will have the latest on this quickly. our package coming up. we will be right back. it's a big night, big panel, we'll be right back. stay with us. welcome aboard! [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪
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as we've discussed all
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morning tonight is a big night nor president obama. he will try to recapture some of the magic four years ago. david axelrod said there will be new elements in the speech but the president's basic argument will remain the same. joining me democratic strategist and former top adviser to vice president al gore, mike feldman, msnbc contributor and managing editor of, the fix man, chris, and president of the center for american progress. a few clasp here. >> what's that? >> all right. >> [ inaudible ]. >> let me ask you this. you're the policy person here on this table. how much policy should the president talk about tonight? how much detail should be in the speech? >> i think the president does have to lay out a vision of how he wants to move the country forward. it shouldn't -- doesn't need to be all new, but people need to know what a second term would look like. that contrast would be helped by laying that out. last night, the president -- >> he hasn't done that yet, the second term vision thing.
6:44 am
>> he does talk about what his agenda is now and a lot still needs to get done still. president clinton did him a tremendous service by sharpening the contrast with romney so he has a lot of space tonight to actually say here's what i want to do. she mud make some where romney wants to take the country but also where he wants to go. >> joe biden sits there and putting his speech, you know, while you could decide whether do they de-emphasize it, wanted clinton to be the main focus last night, but it does more of the underbrush, biden may take care of more? >> i think there's no question. that is the traditional role the vp plays, the role that paul ryan played in tampa. i would assume and say look, biden, whether you like him or don't like him, one thing we know about joe biden he is not a guy agreed to throw a punch. a guy who's been in the game for a long time. he understands what his role is here. i would say, i think -- >> biden -- has been a rough
6:45 am
week for him. >> it has. but the guy is nothing if not a survivor politically. i mean look -- >> everybody who counts him out -- >> in 1988 writing the political obituary of joe biden after the plagiarism thing, he's done pretty well for himself. in '88 if i said vice presidewi vice president in 2012, i don't think a lot of people would say yes. he will do what's expected of him, to your point, going to hammer romney. >> mike feldman, your -- put your al gore hat on. 12 years ago you were trying to find distance from bill clinton. now you have barack obama who literally rearranged his schedule so that the country could see him hug bill clinton. >> right. >> what a change in bill clinton? >> well, also a change in the cycle. al gore in 2000 was running for president having served as the number two to bill clinton. >> he had to be his own man. >> it's a very different performance art involved in that. yes, naturally he had to step out on his own and talk -- really distinguish himself in that new role.
6:46 am
but there's just no doubt about what bill clinton brings and what he brought last night. nobody could do the political gymnastics, cover all of the bases that bill clinton covered last night, deliver all that message like bill clinton did last night. >> you say bill clinton and this crowd goes -- think about it. >> he rebutted the republican attacks, vol dated the president only the way a former president can do, he talked to moderates, to independents, undecideds and energized the base nobody else can. >> i want to bring up something. yesterday's convention day, was kind of a mess. for the party, right? you had this -- the god and jerusalem, sort of i'm sorry, like how do you mess that up? and clearly the president and somebody in the obama campaign said what are we allowing to happen? seemed like a silly -- >> look, i think there are side issues in each convention. the big focus whiz still president clinton and if there's
6:47 am
anyone who can overwhelm a story like that -- >> swept it away. >> i think that was important. actually the most important thing about president clinton's speech was to me the point where he said, i believe president obama's economic record and you should too. and i think there's no better validater for that, the central argument the president is making which is middle-class economics is what drives growth and that's what's at stake in this election. >> compare the two conventions. >> i would say the first night of the democratic convention was significantly better than almost any night of the republican convention. just in pure enthusiasm. the nights of -- i'm looking at it purely from a political theatrics point of view. that's what these things are, let's be honest. there was real energy. last night, prior to bill clinton, you could argue elizabeth warren too, prior to bill clinton i thought it was slow. the 9:00 to 10:00 hour, uaw, i just thought -- look this is my thing with -- i said this last night, say it today, watching bill clinton, you don't have to
6:48 am
agree or disagree with him, it's like watching usain bolt run. you don't have to like usain bolt, but you have to -- >> i know you have something to say. quick. >> the two conventions side by side, just no comparison. the disjointed nature of the republican convention. >> democrat is saying -- >> wait. >> it was disjointed, it lacked energy and enthusiasm. what you see not just in this crowd but all over charlotte. >> it is different. stick around. i'm going to talk 2016 if i don't get it in today i'm not going to be able to get it in tomorrow. programming note on the nbc nightly news, brian williams will interview the first lady michele obama. on the nbc "nightly news" more from the panel. first, as everybody asks me for it, a delegate hold up the sign, what is the soup? >> toasted cumin and tomato. know what i say about cumin, why does something taste good and can't figure it out, because they put cumin in it. trivia question, who was the first presidential nominee to appear at a national nominating
6:49 am
convention? somebody back here yelled it out when i said it. the answer fdr. fronk lin roosevelt -- franklin roosevelt addressed the delegates in chicago and then governor roosevelt said i pledge you, pledge myself to a new deal for the american people. we'll be right back live from charlotte. ♪
6:50 am
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let's bring back the panel. before i jump 2016 bus i'm sure that's a topic you want to talk about, i want to ask sort of quickly, pennsylvania, philadelphia. turn out going to be the same? how much work do you have to do in the president enthusiasm. what's he got to do motivate the philadelphia to come out in the droves they came out four years ago.
6:53 am
>> i just left the pennsylvania delegation breakfast. talk about a group of fired up delegates. look what has happened over the past couple of days. to call what first lady obama, michelle obama did on tuesday tonight a speech is to almost be an insult. that was a conversation. that was a national conversation about her values, her family values, and what she and the president, how they were raised. how he governs. that was enormous. that speech will be talked about for the next five decades in what michelle obama did. last night, bill clinton, that was a textbook explanation of what's really been going on over the last four years and the president broke it down as if he was talking to each of us individually in a personal conversation. he just laid out the case, which i think sets a platform for tonight, for the president to hit a home run. >> all right. one of the parts of political
6:54 am
conventions when there's a president running for re-election a lot of chatter who is looking at 2016. you're going to like this, mr. mayor, cory booker visited the iowa delegation and revealed i had 94-year-old grandmother was born in iowa. >> the population of iowa grows -- there's way more people who say they have ties and people in iowa than people who actually live in iowa. >> one person said i can see iowa from my front porch. >> that was a joke. >> was it? >> who was doing the most work that you see request quietly laying the foundation for 2016 of people not named hillary clinton? >> well, i would like to say we still have an election to run here. that's the most important. >> who is working the hardest? >> warner has been out a lot.
6:55 am
he's been around. everyone who thinks, patrick has been out. o'malley has been around. he's been doing a lot. so, i think that there's a lot of activity and smart to be here. but i think everyone who is running in 2016 should show how much 2012 is important to them. >> mr. mayor, have you had some people you're thinking boy they must be wanting something from me in four years, suddenly make friends with you and say nice things? >> already have a lot of nice friends. they have been good to me. whatever else people are doing, they are focused that over the next 60 days there's only one person running for president right now that we all care about and that we're all focused on and that person is barack obama. >> can i just say very quickly, if she wins, a big win, if elizabeth warren wins that senate seat in that fall the
6:56 am
reaction in the room suggests if we're looking at 2016 feel she's beloved. >> of a nonnational figure she got the biggest applause. the only person on the republican side that was equivalent, scott walker. >> a rock star. >> thank you charlotte. what a great host. >> great food. >> the volunteers. everybody made us feel welcome. >> i have plug the tweeting. >> nobody else is live tweeting. >> it's progress. >> mr. mayor, what's your shameless plug? >> we want to talk about 2016, think about philadelphia 2016. >> you guys apartment convention? >> we might like that. >> they want a convention. very interesting. >> my line is four.
6:57 am
chuck todd, i'm proud of you. this fellow loves politics. what a great show. >> i endorse it all day. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." we'll be back here tomorrow, analysis of the president's speech, jobs report. every time the president and the big political speech is followed by a big jobs report. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur.
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